Circle of legends

Around the Sulfner there are many stories, legends and fairytales to tell. Stories of giants, statues, beautiful maids and golden horses are handed down from generation to generation.

Host Peter is a true expert of the stories that revolve around Sulfner and the Tschögglberg and loves to explain this magical world to his guests.

Some of this magical stories you can find here...

The secret of the statue

Part I

A long, long time ago - it was the beginning of autumn - when the brave shepard Franz guarded his sheep on his peasant on the idyllic mountain pastures of mount Ifinger. His other pastoral companions had already left for the valley, only Franz had the order to stay on the alpine pasture until the first snow. So the poor man waited alone with his protégés - "poo" because in the nights it could become quite cold and Franz was not happy about that. But he had to follow the order of his master.

So one night Franz once again sat at the campfire with his shepherd dog Rudi and took his supper - some soup and a hard bread. Suddenly he had to shiver. Not only the smell of his soup, but also the smell of snow was in the air. "Well you see Rudi", he said to his faithful companion "with luck we can go home tomorrow", and went to sleep. Next morning, of course, came the snow, but with him another surprise...

Our shepard woke up nestled in a beautiful snowy landscape. Together with his dog he went in search for his sheep. Although the white sheep were difficult to see in the snow, Rudi quickly discovered them under a large fir tree. Franz counted his lambs and was satisfied - none had been lost. Well then, let's go home!

The company marched through the snow: the shepherd, his faithful and the we--behaved sheep. Franz enjoyed the wonderful winter day, the sun warmed his face and on his way back to Hafling he enjoyed the fantastic summit panorama. So he went on, inspired by the weather, the view and the thought of a hot plate of soup in his warm living room. But suddenly a blinding light awake him from his daydream. Angrily, he looked around and immediately could make out the culprit: nearby was an unusual object shining in the snow. When he stood in front of the strange object, he immediately lost the language...

The thing that dazzled him from a distance was a gilded saints statue! "I cannot just leave you here, the good God would certainly resent me" he thought and tied the statue with a rope on his back. Although this wooden statue wasn't light, Franz managed to reach the court before sunset.

Part 2

His master came to meet him and immediately recognized the saint's statue. It was the statue of Saint Oswald, patron of the citiziens of the village Scena, wich has been lost for several days. But the master detected also something else...

Angrily he turned to Franz "You cattle! Can't you count? One of the sheep is missing!" As if struck by lightning, shepherd Franz counted again and found out that one sheep was actually missing. "You will bring me this sheep, or you will experience something bad! And i'll let bring the statue right away, otherwise they accuse me of theft! What a dumb shepherd you are!" the master ranted. He paid no attention to the farmers explanations and chased Franz back into the cold.

Part 3

At dawn Franz reached the pasture on mount Ifinger, wich he left the day before. But there was no trace of the missing sheep. Desperately, he looked around, but far and wide he only saw snow and forest. Hopefully he sent a prayer to heaven, the Lord may show him the right way to his lost sheep. As if the Lord had heard him, Rudi suddenly ran away barking loudly. Franz followed his dog immediately. He caught up with the dop o a small hill that seemed familiar to him. The dog not only lead him to the missing sheep but once again also to the statue of Saint Oswald. "You again!", said Franz and decided to bring the statue back into the valley. He didn't want the farmer to get in troube...

With a determined step, the shepherd and his dog, sheep and statue trailed back to the yard. Franz couldn't complain about the wonderful winter weather: he had a wonderful view over the whole valley. Suddenly he heard a deep rumble, followed by a HUGE hammer flying from one side of the mountain to the other side. "What's going on here?! Am I starting to become mad?" He rubbed his eyes and looked again. But the hames was gone. What did that mean?

At the court he was again received by his angry master: "What is this again? Do you want to ruin me?!" In Schenna, hell has broken loose in the population. Without their Saint patron, the citiziens barely dared to leave the house - they only prayed to avoid worse things to happen. However, when Franz reported to his master that he found the lost sheep hext to the statue of Saint Oswald, immediately it fell like shed from his eyes: "Good God, that is a sign of heaven! The Lord wants us to buid a church on the Ifinger for Saint Oswald!" And so the master ordered to construction of the famous Saint Oswald church, which today can be admired while skiing on Meran 2000.