Pure relaxation in Hafling

Massages for relaxing moments

Time to relax!

After a long day of hiking, there is nothing better than being pampered with a calming massage. All the tension of the day passes by. Accompanied by soothing music, the massages help you to find physical and mental balance.

Just relax and enjoy your South Tyrol holiday to the fullest!

Classic full-body massage

Thanks to experienced massage grips this massage gives you the feeling of relaxation.

ca. 50 Min. € 62,00

Classic body part massage

ca. 25 Min. € 37,00


Soothing and relaxing massage for the back, head and neck area. Through the composition of pure sesame oil and individually assembled synergies, this massage will convince you with its deep relaxing effect.

ca. 45 Min. € 66,00

Massage with aromatic oils

Aromatic oil massage with 100% pure essential oils pamper all of your senses.

  • Get strenght - mental and physical energy
  • Anti stress - for relaxation and well-being
  • Inner balance gives you peace

ca. 50 Min. € 69,00

Vital-Back massage

ca. 30 Min. € 47,00

Sport massage for back and legs

With aroma oil and mountain pine oil - 100% bio oils from South Tyrol. Regenerates and invigorates body and senses. This alpine massage is not only a balm for the soul, but also donates new fitness to retired joints and muscles.

ca. 50 Min. € 69,00

Hot Stone-treatment

Therapy and harmonious massage using hot and cold basalt stones.

ca. 80 Min. € 96,00



Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapy that focusses on the reorientation on the deeper layers of the muscles. It is used to treat chronic pain and pain in areas such as a stiff neck, upper back, leg muscle hardening and sore shoulders.

ca. 20 Min. € 45,00