Beautiful hikes around Hafling and Meran 2000

Hiking fun in unspoilt nature

The hiking area around the resort Hafling and Meran 2000 is proving to be a hiker's paradise. Surrounded by the unique mountains of South Tyrol, nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts will find numerous, well-marked trails.

Hiking in Merano 2000 is always fascinating. The panoramic view is impressive and the fresh mountain air makes you feel better. Whether young or old, the hiking area around Meran 2000 is a true experience.

The Sulfner Weiher

The Sulfner Weiher, a small nearby lake, is a popular walking destination. Water-lilies adorn the water, contributing to its idyllic ambience.
Duration 20 minutes

Circular walk to three Alpine pastures

Car park in Hafling village (1280m) – Leadner Alm hut (1514 m) – Vöraner Alm (1875 m) – Wurzeralm (1707 m) – Hafling village.
Duration 4 hours

A gentle stroll from hut to hut

Car park in Falzeben (1621 m) – Zuegg hut(1765 m) towards Meran 2000 (or take the cabin lift up) – Waidmannalm (1998 m) – Meraner hut (1960 m) – E5 long-distance path (from Lake Constance to the Adriatic!) to Kreuzjöchl (1984 m) – Maiseralm (1783 m) – Moschwaldalm (1750 m) – Falzeben.
Duration 4 ½ hours

Day’s walk to Meran 2000

Car park in Falzeben – take the cabin lift up to Piffing/Meran 2000 – Waidmannalm (2040 m) – Missensteiner Joch (2128 m) – Kesselberg hut (2300 m) – Mittager hut (2260 m) – Meraner hut – Falzeben.
Duration 5 hours

Shorter variant:
From the Kesselberg hut on path no. 14 back to the starting point at Falzeben.